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Looking for a beautiful Japanese bride? If the answer is positive, then this review will really help you out. You will get to know their character traits, what makes them so unique, and where you can meet them.

Studies say that Japanese brides are among the most lovely brides in the globe, and it’s hard to disagree with them. Besides being very attractive and exotic, Japanese  is also beautiful on the inside, having many desirable characteristics that make them perfect wives and mothers. Japanese ladies are interested in dating foreign men and therefore use dating services to help them find their love.

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A Japanese bride is a complete package of all you want in a woman. You’ll find it hard to be attracted to Western girls once you’ve dated a lady from Japan. Japanese ladies know how to keep a man happy and satisfied at all times. She’ll do whatever is needed to make you feel l cherished and pampered. By dating a Japanese mail order bride, you can be sure that you will always be the head of the family, and she will always listen to your decisions, but she expects you to respect her opinion as well.

An average Japanese bride is very intelligent and independent. She knows exactly what she wants from life: to marry a foreign man and build a tight-knit family, and she understands that an international dating agency can really help her. Obviously there is a chance that you might meet a Japanese woman interested in a casual relationship, but the majority of them are interested in serious relationship. If you are excited about building a strong relationship with a sexy Japanese mail order and eventually want to marry her, your very first step would be to find a reliable dating agency and create a profile there. After that you will be able to find any type of woman you are interested in and your chances of finding your love will increase significantly.

Qualities That Make Japanese Mail Order Brides Excellent for Marriage

Beautiful Japanese singles have everything it takes to be perfect wives and mothers. Let’s take a look at brief list of things that make Japanese brides especially desirable for foreign 



Being married, your Japanese wife will spend most of the time with you and your children. All of her attention will be concentrated on you. She’ll also be there to assist you whenever you have a problem. Thanks to their strong character, Japanese women aren’t afraid of difficulties, and are ready to overcome anything as long as you will love them with your whole heart.


Brides Japanese

Japanese women are renowned for their careful decision-making strategy. She will also show great determination to bring it to life once the decision is made. According to statistics, Japanese mail order brides are the most successful in finding a foreign husband, comparing to the other brides. There is no doubt that their demermination is a key part of their success. They create a profile on a dating site only when they want to find a decent man and are ready for marriage. They are very serious about it.


Lazy people are treated with profound disdain and repugnance in Japanese culture. Japanese girls have been raised to be motivated and hard-working since childhood. They do whatever is necessary to get the job done no matter how hard it is. Japanese women are very persistent and always achieve their goals.


Japanese brides do not rely on anyone. You will get what I mean when you will start dating a hot Japanese girl. She will most likely never even ask for financial help. Japanese babes are also very intelligent, meaning that they have everything to build a successful career in any field and earn a decent amount of cash.


Mutual respect is a very important part of Japanese Culture. Therefore, even if you don’t make a lot of money and have a lot of flaws, your Japanese crush will always treat you with respect. In addition, they are extremely loyal and will never betray you. Just remember to respect her the same way and you two will have a tremendous life together.


Another merit of Japanese wives is their careful and attentive attitude towards the husband. She will not only do her best to make you look smart and help you accomplish your goals, but will also be greatly interested in your everyday life, like what you do for living, and what your hobbies and interests are. She will then learn more about the things you like to try to impress you.


Japanese people are very formal. They prefer doing things in an organized manner. You can see it in their speech and how they handle things. Their formality depends on who they are talking to. You can also be sure that your Japanese wife will always keep your home clean, tidy, and organized.

Appearance of an Average Japanese Lady

The majority of Japanese mail brides have a pretty large face, but they aren’t worried about it. In fact, it’s totally because large face in Japan is a sign of beauty and kawaii. Furthermore, some Japanese ladies spend additional time making their larger their big faces. Huge knitted hats are very common in Japan, and they wear them practically at any time of the year. Most of this stuff came from anime, where all the characters have such faces.

While some men prefer juicy babes, thinness remains an unquestionable indication of beauty. Japanese brides have set a world record in reducing their own weight, but you can still easily find girl with any figure you like in Japan.

Japanese ladies have dark skin from nature. However, they do everything possible to fix their color of the skin, and are quite good at it. In fact, they are the most white-skinned country in all Asia. They achieve such results by using very effective Japanese cosmetics. Even in summer, most Japanese brides prefer to wear long sleeves in order to cover their bodies, and for the same purpose they wear gauze bandages on their faces. They want to get maximum protection from sunburn.

Even though most Japanese brides are in love with white skin, there are some that prefer their dark and natural color. They don’t mind having fun on the beaches and don’t care what others think about it.

One other unique thing about Japanese people and their appearance is their bow logs. They don’t think of it is a minus, because it’s nearly impossible to cure, so they just stick with it.

Japanese Women And Their Fashion Style

If you have never been in Japan, then you probably think that most Japanese ladies spend most of the time in kimono or a rigorous suit. That isn’t the case, because fashion in Japan has really changed at the end of last century. You have to thank teenagers for that, who took part in numerous subcultures, creating a distinctive style. Because of this, fashion is Japan has started changing rapidly and got popular in many other countries.

As of today, they love dressing up in a riot of colors and fantasy accessories, and know how to charm any man.


It’s not hard to describe what this style actually is, even if you have never heard of it before. People who wear this kind of clothing also wear all kinds of bows, minions, key chains, badges, and a lot of other stuff. Generally speaking, the style name speaks for itself.


One of the cutest styles that got popular thanks to anime and video games. This type of hobby is so developed in Japan that nearly every Japanese has his favorite anime character. They have a lot of fun by dressing up and acting like their favorite character does.


This kind of style was also created thanks to cartoons. The only difference with cosplay is that kawaii characters are more adorable. These characters are animals for the most part.


This style was established close to 15 years ago and has a long story. It emerged thanks to the women on the road who spent the whole day in need of comfortable clothes. They chose an outstanding inexpensive choice because of the absence of cash, which were clothes in the form of animals.


This clothing style relates to the subculture of dance. Neon color and whistle accessories are the primary characteristics.


Very sweet and feminine style that will perfectly fit any sexy Japanese bride. Ladies who prefer this style wear sweet dresses with ruffles, bows and delicate curls in pastel colors.


Kogal style representatives do their utmost to look extremely young. They often discolor hair, use standardized dresses for tanning and short school skirts. High socks are another essential part of this style. They even glue them to their feet, so they could hold on the right way.


Ganguro is regarded as a glamorous style in the Land of the Rising Sun, but it is hard to call such an appearance attractive. Representatives of this style try to become as brown as possible, and in order to reach this goal they spend most of their time in tanning beds. They also love wearing sexy pink dresses.

Mori Girl 

This style is very close to French Provence in its tones and accessories, as mori is pretty much the embodiment of romance and femininity.

Mori ladies love wearing multi-layered outfits and cute little dresses with lots of lace and ruches. They prefer wearing delicate floral prints, natural leather accessories, and gold-plated jewelry. Most of them don’t use cosmetics.

Let’s make it clear: Japanese brides are incredibly good. Appearance, personality, values: all of that makes them nearly ideal. But how can they be attracted? How to make them fall in love with you? Continue reading to find out. And the good thing is that it’s not as hard as you think.

  • Show that you are interested in her country and respect her traditions. Asian women love when someone asks them about their country, and Japanese mail order brides are no different. They’re always happy to discuss their country and will gladly all of your questions;

  • Don’t forget about manners. Like I have already mentioned earlier, being respectful is incredibly important for Japanese women, and they expect absolutely the same from you. Thus, respect her and your family, and you will see how much she will appreciate it;

  • Be real with her. Being a liar is a very bad sign in Japan. It’s best to never lie to your love, and if she finds out that she did (and she most likely will) it will most likely put an end to your relationship. Be honest and don’t keep any secrets from her, and it will certainly increase her trust towards you;

  • Show yourself as a strong and a confident man, but don’t overdo. Just like most women, Asian mail order brides love strong males. However, don’t cross the line. You will scare her off quickly if you start being aggressive

  • Avoid drinking alcohol. Drinking is a serious problem in Japan, as a lot of Japan men are big drinkers. It’s also one of the reasons why gorgeous Japanese brides prefer foreign men. Therefore, stay away from alcohol;

  • Learn a few words in her language. If you really want to impress your soulmate, you can look up and memorize a few words in Japanese. It will really shock her, and she’ll realize how much you are interested in her;

  • Make a small surprise. Japanese brides really like gifts, even small ones. Impress her with a gift from your heart;

  •  Be loyal, smart, and hard-working. According to studies, these characteristics are the most essential for Japanese women. Thus, if you fulfill these demands, your chances of winning the heart of a Japanese bride are very high.

Top Japanese Mail Order Bride Sites

Asia Charm 

  • This great dating platform helps men from all around the world meet young and lovely Asian women from a number of Asian countries, including Japan;

  • Registration is totally free, fast and simple, and every registered user can benefit from a number of great features, such as effective search filters;

  • Users who have purchased a subscription have more ways to communicate with beautiful brides. For instance, they can send letters, text messages, make calls, and even video chat. Gifting is also an option. Pricing is very reasonable;

  • Asia Charm has a verification procedure, meaning that all profiles on the site are absolutely real and there are no fake profiles. If you want to start looking for your one and only on a trustworthy site with plenty of sexy Asian ladies, Asia Charm is a fantastic choice.


  • AsiaMe is one of the fastest growing and promising dating platforms. It has a large profile base and a lot of helpful features;

  • Creators of the site emphasize that this dating site isn’t for individual who are looking for affairs. Mail goal of the site is to connect to people who are looking for sincere love;

  • An excellent search algorithm with a lot of filters of any kind. It really saves you a bunch of time, as you can find your ideal type of woman in seconds;

  • Interface of the site is very convenient, user-friendly, and safe. Users of AsiaMe are safely protected from scammers and their personal information stays confidential.

Asian Feels

  • Users of this wonderful dating service can register and create a profile in a moment, upload photos, as well as search for attractive Japanese mail order brides. You can view any profile you like without purchasing a subscription;

  • You will have to pay if you want to do the following: text and video chat, 

exchange emails, send gifts, and view statistics;

  • Asian Feels has absolutely everything that a top dating site is supposed to have;

  • You can purchase different types of credits at a fair price.

Asian Lady Online

  • A popular dating service that keeps growing every day. It has over eight thousand beautiful girls online every day;

  • All of the profiles of the girls are detailed and have nice photos;

  • The best thing about Asian Lady Online is that you can try all of its features for free. They provide you with a free trial, so you can try out the site and see if you like it before buying a subscription;

  • Beautiful design of the site won’t leave you indifferent. Everything is done very neatly and it’s very easy to browse through the website.

Asian Melodies

  • Asian Melodies has absolutely everything you want from a great dating service. Thanks to their verification procedure, you can be sure that all of the girls profiles are 100% valid;

  • You will have to pay in order to use most of services, but it’s totally worth it;

  • Pricing of the high-quality services is practically the same as it is on other dating platforms;

  • If you are looking for a reliable dating agency with a lot of stunning Asian beauties, think of joining Asian Melodies. You won’t regret it.

Romance Tale

  • One of Romance Tale’s most significant benefits is that it has a very wide target audience;

  • Romance Tale is a fantastic choice for men who are eager to communicate with Asian mail order brides. Not just from Japan, China, and other popular Asian countries, but also from small ones;

  • You will have great chances of finding your perfect match on the site if you fully complete your profile;

  • You can communicate with your lovely mail order bride in a number of ways;

  • It isn’t free, just like most trustworthy dating agencies, but the pricing is fair.

It’s not free, like most reliable dating sites, but the policy on billing is very reasonable. You will have to pay $9,99 in order to start communicating without gorgeous Asian brides.


  • LoverWhirl is among the best Asian dating services, providing you with a number of exclusive features;

  • There are brides from any part of Asia, so you can get a girl to your taste pretty easily. You can also find out more about Asian ladies and how they differ from each other on their site;

  • LoverWhirl’s credit payment system is very nice. Credit packs can be bought pretty cheaply. In addition, you will be rewarded with twenty free credit after you complete the registration process;

  • You can create a profile for free and then see for yourself how much you like the site before depositing any money;

  • Site is safely protected from hackers, and so is your personal information. You can also read more tips on how to stay safe online on their official website.

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